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Safety Display Cases for protection of objects

Milox develops and manufactures safety display cases with advanced climate solutions and lighting systems for museums, churches, shops, exhibitions and other environments .

A safety display case from Milox meets  the security levels 3, 4 and 5 set by the Swedish Legal, Financial and  Administrative Services Agency . These are criteria set by the State for the Swedisch gouverment´s exhibition guarantees.  

Flexible display cases

The modular design makes our display cases flexible and easy to adapt to a number of specified requirements and conditions. The cases can be equipped with different types of glass, locks, shelves, lighting and alarms. They can also be climate controlled to protect, for example, wood, textiles, leather, bones, parchment and metal. By making a display case airtight with stable level of humidity, historically valuable objects can be safely exposed to the public. For particularly sensitive objects, we also offer display cases with an oxygen-free environment and nitrogen atmosphere. The modular principle also means that it is easy to assemble a case on site, if it is for example, too large to get in through an existing passage.

Secure storage

We also continuously develop our cases and apply the latest research findings on theft protection and preservation of objects. Therefore, our most powerful cases more than meet the strict requirements for safety and tightness that the authorities require.

We have also developed a standard for our safety display cases. This means that there are a number of accessories and spare parts for our cases. In addition to our standard models, we manufacture the cases in varying sizes and proportions, from very small to very large. Milox also has a series of simpler display cases with a lower  level of safety but with climate and lighting.


When we design our cases, we take into account a number of high demands from conservators, exhibition managers, security specialists, lock specialists, climate experts, architects, lighting designers, ergonomists, technicians and many other experts. In addition to various mechanical

key locks, we have developed electronic locking solutions. 

Conserve objects with advanced climate solutions


It is important that a display case maintains very high precision and tightness in order to be able to maintain the desired humidity (RH) with as little effort and maintenance as possible. Milox display cases maintain a tightness that corresponds to the highest international requirements for airtight cases. The cases also have a system for levelling atmospheric pressure changes and for air purification.

A Milox case is designed for smooth and simple climate control. As standard, our cases are equipped with IP-secured bushings for climate control, alarms and more. All input materials and accessories are low-emission or emission-free.

Passive climate

Milox has systems for internal, passive climate and external, active climate control. We have various climate control substances, reconditioning solutions, loggers and other accessories required to create the right climate in our cases. We work with the leading experts in the field to constantly improve to create the right environment for sensitive objects.

Oxygen-free environment

Milox nitrogen gas system can maintain one or more  display cases and is a system for oxygen-free environment where the oxygen is replaced with nitrogen gas which is humidified to the desired level (RH). These systems can also be equipped with monitoring systems for controlling the oxygen content. The system is developed to be easy to maintain and economical to operate.

Active climate

Milox has in collaboration with a Swedish supplier developed a system for external humidification of larger display cases and spaces. With this very easy-care and reliable system, it is possible to create the right climate in one or more display cases and even larger spaces without a water and sewer connection.We also have smaller facilities for active climat control.

Exposure of objects



In the Milox display cases, we use LED lighting with the best color reproduction and UV-free light that does not affect the display cases climate.

Different solutions are available with small discreet and very flexible spotlights with individual dimming ring, different lenses and which can be moved cordlessly in and between cases. Also LED strips that are discreetly placed in the case corners. Warm and cold light or mixed for best exposure.

The glasses

The quality of the display glasses is vital to achieve an excellent exposure. Milox always uses optically white laminate glass without colour distortions. Even in display cases with the highest safety in the glasses, no noticeable optical defects occur. In some cases, UV-protective or non-reflective glass is also desirable. All glasses we use are classified and certified in their various safety levels.

Functions and services for safety display cases

  • Flexible standard with maximum object display

  • Several standard sizes with ergonomically designed dimensions

  • Also in different dimensions

  • Theft and robbery protection

  • Alarm systems

  • Climate protection – sealed cases with the opportunity to create the right relative humidity, RH

  • Vibration protection

  • UV-protected environment

  • Different strengths and several functions such as UV protection, reflection-free, shatterproof, etc.

  • Several lock systems – mechanical and electronic

  • Sash lock system and security pins for doors

  • Stepless shelving systems in wood, metal, glass

  • Adjustable legs to compensate for uneven floors

  • Lighting system for fibre optics, LEDs, designed for Milox display cases

  • Sealed IP-rated conduits for lighting, data loggers and alarms, etc.

  • Pressure equilibration in sealed display cases

  • Protection from air pollution, dust, pests

  • Easy for staff to handle and move

  • Easy to open and close

  • Easy climate control

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