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Protective Display Cases

Milox Basic is the name of

our simpler cases


For Museums, Churches & Exhibitions.

A little simpler, but with high airtightness and with the possibility of air conditioning and LED or fiber lights that do not affect the climate. These cases are suitable when the environment and objects do not require as high security as our strong protective cases provide.

A Milox Basic case can be made to measure and designed as desired.

Milox Shopsafe

for stores


When to display safely in store

Milox Shopsafe is a special system for shops and is often adapted to the architect's interior design. This requires high precision in term of dimensions, finish and design, specially adapted functions and sometimes unique glass solutions.


  Tailored lighting  

To create lighting in a shopcase, we often use LED lighting where warm or cold light or a mixture of the two can be selected to bring out the right luster on the exposed objects. There is also the possibility of an individual dimming of the light from weak to very strong. The LED light is very flexible and can be moved, directed, dimmed and focused. The LED light can also be moved between each other or between the cases.

Secure display cases for shops

  • High security

  • Best possible exposure

  • Flexible and reliable lighting

  • Easy for staff to open and close many times a day

  • Light strips, downlights and more

  • Secure locking solutions, often with electronic locks 

  • Guarantees, service and support

  • Developed in collaboration with insurance companies and retailers

Milox Arc

for storage & archives


When you need to store securely

It is easy to keep the right humidity in the ARC cases with passive or active climate equipment. The cases have stepless shelves and are lockable. 

The Archive cases can also be equipped with glass in the door and lights to function as a showcase. All included materials are of course conservator approved.

Milox M
When you have very high demands


IMG_0493 Milox M.JPG

Security display cases for museums, 

churches & exhibitions

Milox M are display cases that have been tested and approved to meet the high requirements set by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, security levels 3, 4 and 5. They are also tested to ensure that they comply with the highest European standard for airtight museum display cases. The cases are prepared for to create passive or active humidity and for fibreoptic light or LED- light.

All materials conservator approved

The display cases are always built with frames in special steel in combination with laminate glass and approved locks. All included materials are conservator approved. The cases can be made in different approved colours or coated with other materials.


A display case is a piece of furniture

Some of the showcases we have supplied to churches in Sweden have, by our skilled carpenters, been built into cabinets with beautiful profiles and panelled wooden doors. The cases have then been painted by decorators to fit into the environment. They simply became a piece of furniture.

Milox Exclusive

for companies and private collectors


Milox Art

to protect art


When you want to protect objects in

private or semipublic areas 

Milox Exclusive provides special protection for exclusive objects - in a private or public environment. We offer high security in combination with the best exposure together with our experience from the protection we offer for objects and artifacts at museums.

Here we have no standard model. Our customers influence themselves together with us, or with the help of an architect/designer, what the protective display case should look like and what functions you want to build in.

Milox protective display cases are intended for home environments, companies and similar environments and offer additional security, in addition to alarms to be able to expose beautiful and valuable objects in an aesthetical and secure way.

Milox Exclusive:

  • Custom made

  • Freestanding furniture or built-in

  • Great freedom of choice of design

  • Climat control can be built in

  • Painted in a range of color or an alternative finish, including wood veneeer, brass, silver, gold and leather

  • Advanced lock solutions with very high, variable security

  • Alarm solutions that can be programmed and controlled remotely

For protection of paintings

or sensitive works of art

Milox offers various solutions to protect art, sensitive works and paintings, from theft and climate change. For example, panels and canvases that are sensitive to fluctuations in humidity or art and objects that only need to be protected from people touching them.

  • Specially adapted cases with the same protection as our display cases

  • Protection from touching, damage and climate control that are integrated into existing frameworks

  • Access protection with safety glass mounted in front of the artwork

  • Glass with UV protection

Accessories and equipment


  • Different security levels on glass, locks, frames to correspond to security levels 3, 4, and 5

  • Various alarm guards - even for free-standing objects

  • Different locking solutions

  • Extra reinforcements and protection for the locks

  • Fittings for attaching a stand to the floor or wall

  • Protective cover in durable fabric, for storing the cases

  • Protection for art on the wall


  • Surface-enlarging elements for weight distribution to the floor

  • UV protection in glass

  • Vibration protection - protection against vibrations in a building

  • Passive climate for display cases

  •  System for active climate control of one or more display cases and exhibition spaces

  • Data loggers and simpler loggers, for climate control and for reconditioning of climate substances

  • Nitrogen gas system for oxygen-free and humidified environment

  • Storage cases in custom sizes

  • Pest protection



  • Flexible internal lighting system developed for our very airtight display cases. Does not affect the climate.  Different number of light points, adjustable amount of light with dimmers for the right lux level.

  • LED lighting with UV-free light in different designs, provides good light and emits very little heat, designed for museum showcases. 

  • Text ramps to attach externally and internally to the cases

  • Luminous text signs with LED for dimly lit environments

  • Magnifying glasses for detailed studies

  • Shelf fittings for stepless shelving

  • Fittings for hanging objects and panels

  • Wire and fittings for hanging shelves, text ramps etc.

  • Shelves, walls, background, podiums, and special textiles


  • För känsliga böcker med känsliga ryggar.

  • Tillverkas i emissionsfritt material.

  • Kan beställas i olika storlek

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